The Déjà Vu Way of Life

Authentic. Inspired

For people who love all things vintage, finding and restoring old things isn’t just a passion, it’s a way of life. And Maris MacDonald is no exception.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, she and her family moved between Scotland, France and Canada before finally settling in BC.

Raised to be frugal, and to respect and take care of her belongings, she developed a love for finding and repurposing old treasures – whether it’s an old piece of furniture, some mason jars or a rusty farmyard pail – which were quickly snapped up at country vintage markets. Maris found great camaraderie with her gifted, fellow vendors, and looked around for ways to create new opportunities for them all.

And so Déjà Vu Vintage Market was born! Located at different turn-of-the-century venues in the Lower Mainland, the Market brims with authentic, upcycled and vintage-inspired home & garden decor, antiques, collectibles and jewelry, as well as home baking and handmade gifts.

Bring your family and stay a while…you’ll meet interesting characters, hear some stories and hopefully take home a one-of-a-kind treasure or two. There’s nothing like a fun-filled day at a Déjà Vu Vintage Market!

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